Gardens at Night are centrally located in a spacious showroom and warehouse on Malvern Road, Malvern. The showroom is well appointed and interactive, with plenty of opportunity for us to simulate your particular situation. The design staff are also on hand to go through your proposal and answer any queries you may have.

Once we have designed a project we keep the details permanently on file, so should you ever need to maintain your system in the future we are able to retrieve the details to make life easy!


The main Gardens at Night warehouse and assembly area are located here. As originators and wholesalers and we carry enough stock to satisfy the most demanding contractor, ensuring a very quick turnaround for the smallest to the largest projects.

All the products we use are designed to withstand the corrosive garden environment and include, cast brass, copper and stainless steel. The advantage of the first two is that they age with your landscape and blend in. Should you want a crisp modern look the stainless steel or the brass/copper plated with brushed chrome.

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