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Gardens at Night supports designers in many ways, each of them enhancing what you are able to offer your clients. These include

  • Full CAD design showing all aspects of the lighting including the all-important provision for switching.
  • Complete specification sheets for all products proposed.
  • Most products are exclusive to Gardens at Night and are of the highest quality.
  • Our Energy Smart Design™ will indicate the power usage if the complete system is in use, and average running cost (taking off peak usage into account).
  • Supporting literature to ensure that you have the background information required to confidently discuss your exterior lighting proposal with your client.
  • The use of our versatile showroom to show your client both the products and the effects.
  • The FULL knowledge that the products specified are ideally suited to the task and supported by the Gardens at Night team and warranty.

In order to get the best results it is important that we become involved as early as possible in the project as that is when provision is made for all the conduits and switching. Ideally your initial proposal should have a component for lighting – rather than have it as an add-on later in the design process. 

Give us a call if we can help in any way.

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