Best Western Haven, Glebe

The very talented team and our good friends at OUTHOUSE design were tasked with creating a unique outdoor area that would encourage guests to venture out of their rooms to use the hotel’s services and facilities.
All projects come with their own unique set of challenges and this one was no different. The courtyard was located centrally within the hotel on the second floor, meaning each element was designed and constructed as modules and assembled like a jigsaw puzzle on site. Glenn from our Sydney office grasped the challenge with both hands to bring OUTHOUSE design and the Client’s vision to life at night.
He worked with Lukas Jess from PO Box Design to incorporate our Light Strip into the base of the sculptural trees with a custom diffusor to highlight and enhance the orange rings. The organic pod seating area had two of our Accent 8 fittings strategically placed so that the bespoke patterns of the roof structure were reflected within the seating area.       
Smaller breakout seating areas made by Jared Evans Set in Steel were constructed off site from glass fibre reinforced concrete. Being constructed off site Glenn again choose Light Strip for under the seats for its ease of installation and the flexibility to adjust the output of the light once installed.
Working with the Simon Munn from Urban Garden Enrichment all the planter beds were pre-run with cable to ensure a seamless installation. A combination of Path Light Linear and Accent 5 to again strike the balance of casting light down on the lower growing planters as well as casting dramatic shadows up the walls from the bromeliads.
This was a fantastic project to be involved with and a real pleasure to work with a team of such dedicated designers, artists and contractors to produce a space that can be enjoyed by guest and staff during the day and night for years to come.

Images supplied by Peter Brennan Photography